Loft Library

Loft Library responds to the client’s brief to provide 40 linear meters of book storage for a two-storey end of terrace house in Walthamstow, East London. The construction of the house built in the 1980’s was brick cavity walls with a trussed rafter roof. The single pitch of the roof formed a space at one end of the loft which was not easy to access due to the proliferation of diagonal members in the timber trusses. As the client’s budget was limited, it was decided to work within the fabric of the existing building rather than create a new loft structure or extension. By replacing the diagonal truss members with plywood arches the Loft Library was formed with a stair access, small bench, shelves between arches and a study space at the end.

The material used for all surfaces was 18mm spruce plywood. For the curved arches detailed measurements were taken of the existing loft space by Arboreal, templates drawn in CAD and plywood elements cut precisely to size and shape by the CNC cutting service Cut & Construct. The plywood elements were provided to the main contractor as a “client supply” item and had screw-holes and item numbers cut into the material to ensure quick and easy assembly. Three vertical triple glazed windows were installed on the north elevation between the trussed rafters to provide light and rhythm to the library and study space. An additional window on the west elevation was installed to catch the warm evening sun.

Photography: Agnese Sanvito