Hive Cafe


Organic cafe and wine bar


The Hive of Vyner St




Bethnal Green, London, UK

The Hive of Vyner St is a new East London café specialising in organic, vegan and raw food, cold-pressed juices and Italian wine. Like the café itself, the interior design was carried out with careful sourcing and minimal processing of natural materials. The focus of the space is a 9m long counter made from Pippy Oak planks from a single Suffolk tree. The bark edges have been left on the boards but turned inward and cast with concrete to form a unique pattern running down the centre of the counter.

The floors are a rough faced concrete coloured with a pigment made from Turmeric left over from the café’s juice production. Warm lighting and Birch faced cabinetry complete the design creating a space that celebrates the theatre of food production and enhances the sense of care and wellbeing that their food provides.

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