Globe House


3-Bedroom house






Bethnal Green, London, UK

Globe House is a tiny extension (just 3.6m2) with a tremendous impact. It turns an Edwardian scullery into a bright contemporary kitchen with a built-in diner and window seat.

The building forms the southerly end of a red brick terrace of homes built by the East End Dwellings Company in 1906. The corner site is compressed into the oblique angle of the side street making the rear of the building unusually narrow. The original building had a tiny rear kitchen of just 8.5m2 plus a lean-to toilet that had been converted into a boiler cupboard. A stable door lead out onto a small wedge of garden but had no windows to connect the two spaces or bring light in.

Our clients were an active young family of four who already used every square inch of their home and garden with great creativity and efficiency. It was clear that we would need to achieve a lot in a small space and to a tight budget.

The new design extends the kitchen to the rear, rounding off one corner in plan to open up a view towards the expanding wedge of garden. This curve creates an intimate window seat and a small built-in dining space. On the other side of the kitchen a new concrete worktop extends out into the garden creating a counter-top herb garden both inside and out. Glazing is wrapped around the rear façade and a skylight located over the herb garden. Storage is meticulously optimised to include a washing/drying area behind sliding doors, bin storage under the planter and a green-roofed bike store. The result is a set of closely nestled, beautiful spaces suitable for a myriad of family activities.

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