We approach each building we design with three key aims: to optimise performance, to enrich experience and to re-connect us to the natural world.

We design high-performance buildings. We expect them to run on little energy, harvest sunlight, improve air quality, retain their heat, support flexible uses and increase biodiversity. We use the most up-to-date analysis and design of a building’s energy performance enabling us to reduce its carbon footprint and energy costs.

We design spaces that enrich our experience. Though it can sometimes be taken for granted as the backdrop to our lives, architecture is a vital art form and when crafted with skill and care it can enliven our senses. We work with carefully sourced natural materials, nuanced day and sun-lighting conditions and precisely choreographed views to create spaces with character.

We design buildings to connect us to the natural world. We integrate our buildings into their local ecologies and design the landscapes and planting around and inside them with equal attention. We make bespoke buildings that respond to the sun, wind, weather, seasons, plants and animals to make human habitats that are intricately connected to their ecosystem.

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A sample image
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